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To do something every day for someone, or maybe a  great cause, or  some worthwhile organization  is my goal in the coming new year! I have found you don’t have to have a small fortune to make a difference. In this world every day people are making huge contributions by bringing attention to a cause they firmly believe , raising money for the effort, or going to work on that cause and using their time and life energy. As I have said to people in the past who is to say what is needed more money or time, both are very important. So I urge you to do something for the causes the organizations the people who you believe in who need your help! Pick more than one idea that you can support, or a person who could use a little help or an organization that could use some of your time to keep them afloat.

I am going to try to bring to your attention causes, people,organizations I am already aware of or those that I come across in my daily life thru the media or by just observing life around me. So if you don’t know where to start, follow my blog and see where it leads you! God bless!  Patsy McCaw-Yager