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I could tell you several things about Christina Taylor Green that made her special. What I want to talk about today is how though she could do nothing to save her own life ,she has now saved the lives of others. Christina’s parents granted permission for her organs to be donated. A child born on a day of sadness and leaves this Earth on another day of sadness , ironically gave great joy to those families of loved ones who received her donation of a precious gift of life.

To the family of Christina, thankyou for making it possible thru your own grief to help others! To Christina, I am so sorry we that is our American society was robbed of your future contributions to American society, as I am sure there would have been many, but know this – your life was and will be unforgettable not for just how you came into this world or left but how you will live on in it by the decision of care for others putting aside their own feelings. When children are as wonderful as you Christina Taylor-Green you don’t have to look far you look to their families.

If you want to do something in memory of Christina become a donor and tell others and so on and so on. Patsy McCaw-Yager Englewood,Fl.