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Walter Reed Army Medical Center's Memorial Cha...

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Charlie sheen 47, is all over the news because he’s a Celebrity drug addict. While Andrew Wilfahrt 31, Brian Tabada 21, Rudolph Hizon 22, Chauncy May 25, are Soliders who gave their lives this week w/ no media mention. Please honor them by posting this . May these warriors rest in peace and may Charlie GROW UP ALREADY!  I am hoping we  can honor them by donating to the Wounded Warrior Project at Walter Reed Hospital.  There is also The Yellow Ribbon Fund.   Choose a charity that supports the military and or their families. Our country is great and there are great people serving it, so please help out by donating to a charity that supports these wonderful people. So bloggers lets spread the word. Thanks to Ellen Meadows of Mich. for bringing this to my attention!