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M-4 tank crews of the United States, Ft. Knox,...

Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr

Folks are you wondering how to support a soldier and his or her unit? Go to the website anysoldier.com. Pick the branch of the service you would like to support. Perhaps you are a veteran of that group and are proud to help. This a way for everyone to help the people who serve our country. The soldier requests items that he or she may want or need as well as requests from the unit that the soldier serves in. With the two wars that America is now involved in the need for the soldiers is great but more important support from fellow Americans show our soldiers we care! I have adopted 3 Marines, 2 men and 1 woman and currently adopting a fourth Marine and his unit. Please do it today adopt a soldier and have your friends and family, people in your clubs, activities and church collect the items that are on the list. You will be surprised how much support you will get for the soldiers, people will even give you money for maling the packages. So thanks in advance, and God bless! any soldier.com

God bless