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The Wonderful Family Saving Animals


I think every young girl wishes that they had their own horse. I am no different I also had the background of a mom who was from the great state of Kentucky land of the horses and famous Kentucky Derby. So, in honor of my mom Imogene McCaw from Royal Oak ,Mi. here goes momma. In the United States every year horses are given up for many reasons , neglect, loss of income to care for a horse, death of an owner , etc. This family takes on as their mission to save horses from all the above reasons. I enjoy watching a horse as it runs on a grassy hill but till recently I did not realize how much it takes financially and time wise to care for these four-legged souls. There are so many horse rescues in our country, possibly one close to you. I hope if you are looking for a cause that you can help  you look for one such as the Napier Family Farm! This farm is a testament to what one family can do to make this world a better place! Thanks, Patsy McCaw-Yager, Englewood,Fl.