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Wow The Home Depot has made a terrible public relations flub…Charlie Sheen would be saying duhhhhhh if he knew they had changed their policy concerning the discount they give those honorable people who have served in the various branches of the service. The discount now only applies to those who retired from the military or those in active service now. I am very pleased for them and I am sure that the people who now receive the discount hope to keep being able to use it once they are not in the service. My husband Tom a Navy Vietnam veteran was told by not one sales associate but also another one chiming in, that he was no longer able to use his Navy I.D. card , it was no good!! It is not only good dear folks it is honerable and apparently your policy is lacking that quality! We want to continue shopping there -please reconsider.

Bad move, Home Depot! Duuu!!

Patsy McCaw-Yager Englewood,Fl.

Please forward this to all people who love our veterans!!