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My son David Ashwell, recently introduced me to the show The Secret Millionaire! Thankyou David, this show features ways that some millionaires are helping organizations and people who could  very much use some help and much needed  assistance.  This is what I want  my blog to be about, and now I have a new additional  source to take advantage of  and to bring the much needed  attention to important issues and individuals who have  stories that I think you will be happy to hear about!

This week I want to talk about Really Living an organization in Detroit started by John Cook a person who himself is undergoing dialysis for a kidney condition. John realized that some of the patients had a real challenge with getting to their medical appointments, so he started  “Really Living”  in Detroit ,Mich. To help   patients to get to their appointments . The Secret Millionaire featured millionaire  Marc Paskin, who gave the cause $40,000 to get a badly needed van! Marc a millionaire spent a week in Detroit and helped  various causes. I believe meeting John really touched Marc’s heart, this weeks secret millionaire, because his late wife had died of complications due to diabetes and Marc mentioned how that he and his wife had great insurance and the means to get to any medical treatment they needed. That he knew how blessed that he and his wife were, to have the resources to get medical services. Marc and The Secret Millionaire, I thankyou for your efforts!  God bless,Patsy McCaw-Yager, Englewood, Florida.

I am so happy that The Secret Millionaire featured- Really Living because even a small contribution to this very much-needed cause to help people who need a ride to medical treatment often to stay alive is a much worthy cause.

John  Cook thankyou and continued blessings in your mission to help those even while you are dealing with severe health challenges!

For those who wish to help please see the following information,

God bless, and remember you can help !                                                                                                                       REALLY LIVING CORPORATION
Contact Information:
Email: jc@reallylivingcorp.org
Email: jc0322@aol.com

Phone: 734-709-6402
Mailing Address:
Really Living Corporation
24293 Telegraph Road, #224
Southfield, MI 40833
Contact: John Cook, Director