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My first home was an apartment building my grandma managed at 116 LaBelle ave.  Highland Park.Mich. In this apartment building lived various cousins , siblings of my poppa and also my grandpa and grandma known as  mum,My grandma,mum was the most giving person I have ever known.  Mum McCaw helped  raise many of my cousins. Mum was a great cook and could stretch a dollar and clean a house with the best of them!  She also loved my grandpa.  more than a human  should.   My family moved when I was about seven , yet that apartment  building was the base over the years for many family celebrations. I think of my family members now gone on to heaven, often gathered around the kitchen table in that small but somewhat cozy kitchen often  blowing out candles or enjoying my grandma’s cooking !  My Irish grandma, taught my momma to cook among other things.  My grandma was never too busy for any of her many grandchildren and later on  her great grandchildren to listen to you as though you were the most important person she ever knew. To grandma at that time you were the most important person on Earth.   My poppa, her son would tell us about how strong,  loyal and faithful she had always been.   I remember that she would always tell you that family after God was most ,  priority then  third on list was her pride for our country!   My dad a seventeen year old Marine was off to world war II and my grandma was so proud of him. Later after the war, and after he married my momma, Imogene he became a Highland Park Police officer and again made my grandma so very proud of him!  My poppa was so much like his Irish mum. I believe James McCaw learned how to be the great father he was, from having such a great Irish mum.  I believed my momma learned how to be such a dedicated wife by observing her mom in-law’s loyalty to my grandpa.  Often in movies and t.v. shows about Irish families we see a fierce loyalty to each other . My Irish poppa with Irish roots  from both sides would say, you can never have to many good relatives.  Thru the years, I have also garnered friends I would include as family also.  I think my first empty nest experience occurred when grandma passed on. Our family structure changed. When grandma was alive we had a base to gather for family occasions, that was when the family dynamics changed forever. Rose Kennedy was the perfect example of the Irish mom. Rose Kennedy, loyal , strong and a positive look on the good side of life, Irish mum. Happy St.Patricks day to everyone, and thanks to my Irish grandma, Mum McCaw for setting a great example of love for the McCaw family!