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Cpl. Andrew Wilfahrt Died In Afghanistan , a  hero  in every sense of the word. I recently wrote about an actor who has been way too many times in the news. In a  earlier blog I mentioned the public knew more about this guy, than we wanted to know about this highly over paid famous person and his public cry for help than  ……..    Cpl. Andrew Wilfahrt one of the brave soldiers who had died that week and that made me very unhappy.   Our press was more concerned with the bad deeds of some than was the heroic acts of our                              brave soldiers who had died in Afghanistan  that week! I want my readers to know I was contacted by Cpl.Wilfahrt’s dad, and thanked by him for noticing his son had lost his life serving our country.  I would publicly say no sir, thankyou for raising a son who proudly chose a career serving the United States of America and for instilling in him along with mother the values that gave Cpl. Andrew Wilfarht the character  to make this choice!

God bless Cpl Andrew Wilfahrt and God bless his family and friends.