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The weather for most of the country is changing and soon there will be little or need for the winter coat. It maybe that the children are still growing and the coat they are wearing now will no longer fit them next year. If there is not another child in the family to  pass it down to, why not pass it on. The one warm coat organization will send you all information on how to run a coat drive.  The One Warm Coat can also give you ideas on organizations, or groups who would appreciate receiving those coats. The Glad Bag company also has a program call Glad Bag Bank and you can apply for free bags to put the coats in while collection for your coat drive.  So… while the weather is nice let’s do some spring cleaning and start collecting those coats, so that next winter no one has to be cold!





Reasons to Have a Coat Drive

During the week of January 12-16, all nine Girl Scout troops of St. Edward School banded together to promote the school-wide event.
Houston, Texas

We are an auto repair business and thought this would be a great program to get our employees involved in giving to the community.
San Francisco, California

We presented the coats to our local food shelter and migrant council. They  along with Christmas baskets. When clients come in to pick up their basket, each family member in need of warm attire will be fitted with a warm coat.
Plainview, Minnesota

An interesting observation came out of this project. I feared we wouldn’t have a great need for adult coats–I was wrong. I realized that parents usually put their children first, thus neglecting themselves of certain necessities.
Ponca City, Oklahoma

It was very gratifying to donate the coats in what has been one of the coldest winters in New England. 17 coats were used the night we delivered them.
Boston, Massachusetts

Our school requires community service credits and many students helped earn their credit by sorting the coats, bagging and labeling the coats, and delivering them to their designations.
Jericho, Vermont