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In our country there are homeless veterans that are women.  Usually when one thinks of our homeless veterans we think of the men who wear camouflage on the streets and have the far off distant look in well-worn eyes. As our recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq we can now add thousands of female veterans to

A Female War Veteran Fighting The Challenge Of Homelessness

the homeless rolls in our country! I am bringing  this to my reader’s attention because not that I think it is ok that men who have proudly served this nation have no place to call home but there are women who also served and they need our nations help too! “The number of female veterans has doubled in the last decade,” says Tammy Duckworth, assistant secretary for public and intergovernmental affairs in the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. In fact, she says      women in the military are two times more likely to become homeless than male veterans.
The numbers are estimated to be over 6,500 of women who served their country living in the streets or in their cars. What can you do to help the homeless veterans check out the resources below or contact your local V.F.W

Thankyou and God bless you for helping! God bless you Ms.Victorio Olmo -featured in the above blog picture!

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How you can help! A jour time or ob a decent place to live are the goals  of most people. If you  can help a veteran to realize these goals by your time or money or both olease contact your local veterans affairs office. or see the following resources.