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Dan Beuttner the author of the book Thrive talked about the way to live a happy life. He stresses that material items obtained in one’s life are not as important as experiences one has had that makes life worthwhile. To volunteer for a cause or an organization that has a mission  to make this world a better place in some way,  gives a person a happy life.  So this blog will continue to tell you about causes that people can support.  Organizations that work to cure diseases,and to give a hand up to those who could use it.  I want to tell you about issues and causes, we as the public should know about or rather need to be aware of.  I want to talk about heroes, on this blog. I want to talk about how one life can change the lives of so many others, just ask Susan G.  Komen‘s family and their fight to end breast cancer to honor Susan.  Please today take time to find something to fight for to rally for or to support in time,or financially or both.  Perhaps you already have some causes you carry in your soul and life thru life experiences that you value. Maybe there is more than one purpose, issue to support. Supporting something , someone, a two legged or four legged soul may help you in deciding what direction your life will go.

What difference can one person make , a heck of lot. Just start reading this blog taking on a cause and you will find out!