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                                                                                                                                   Dennis Prager voted by The Toastmasters International as perhaps the best radio talk show host in America. Dennis is not  doom and gloom. He has on his show a whole hour dedicated to having callers call in, and tell stories! I used to listen to both Rush and Glenn but the negativity was after a while very exasperating.  I believe there will always be issues our country can work on, but come on how bad is this country when people such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck become millionaires on giving their opions? I say this as a person who voted for John McCain but am sick and tired of the president of the United States of America being degraded constantly on those shows. I used to have my dial set for both, not any more. Dennis Prager has restored my faith in talk radio. Dennis is fair in the way he approaches his subject matter. Dennis makes me laugh, causes me to think, and reminds me of what is important on days that I can use the reminder. Dennis has great guests, such as authors who often explain topics as any person who studies human nature would want to know.  I suggest you  follow this link  http://www.dennisprager.com/pages/bio  and checkout both Dennis Prager and his show!! I believe you owe this to yourself! Dear Dennis, my favorite part of your show your love for your faith and God, and you enjoy discussing these feelings with your listeners!  I just want to say goodbye to negative constant criticism and wasting life energy on just plain silliness. Hello happiness hour reserve me a seat Dennis Prager!