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I often hear people saying with our modern-day economy, I wish I could give to Charity but I just don’t have the extra money todonate. Well. my poppa James McCaw used to say people always have money for their own priorities.  That being said, I want to tell you one way I save money and help my causes.  I buy at the local chain grocery stores their buy one get one free items. I can donate some of these items weekly to my local food pantry Englewood Florida‘s  Helping Hand! My husband Tom Helps me by scouring the local advertisements for these buy one get one free specials. Every week there are new specials! I once was behind a fellow purchasing some items that the store we were now in had featured in their weekly coupon advertisement , I knew this because I had purchased  a lot of the same items. I mentioned the coupons and he said he didn’t need the coupons. I proceeded to ask the gentleman if in the future he would take a minute before he left to shop at the store in the future and study and use the coupons. I then asked the fellow to take the money he saved to the local animal shelter down the road. Or, give to his favorite charity. He looked at me and said, I never thought about that , I will do that! I am not sure he ever did because we have never spoke again, but I am praying he would do what he said he would .  I know that there are  professionals , who spend time studying ways to save money. They have web sites , blogs, write books, and constantly update their information.http://takingonacause.com/2011/03/28/no-money-to-give-to-charitiestaking-on-a-cause-will-tell-you-can-and-save-money-nate-berkus-features-the-pick-another-checkout-line-ladies-will-show-you-how/ featured on Nate Berkus ,today March 28th 2011. have so many great ideas. Also the 918 coupon queen has a great site, these tips on how to shop, when to shop, how to use coupons and more will help you save money and be able to give to your favorite causes or charities.  For some, a simple lifestyle change can make all difference in ones abiltiy to help others!

Sarah Roe-The 918 Coupon Queen following Her and Her Team On Tips To Save Money, Money For Giving To Causes You Love!

Sarah Roe and FamilySarah is the mom of two beautiful boys and wife to husband, Eric. She began seriously couponing when her oldest son was diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies five years ago.

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