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A new blog starting today will be telling the stories of service dogs both for the  recognition they so richly deserve and to make you my reader,  aware of how you can help these great dogs and their organizations,with their dedicated human handlers often becoming part of the family.

Officer Schultz was killed last month when an alleged robbery suspect threw him into traffic on Southbound Route 42.

Today I want to talk about  Canine officer, Shultz. Shultz got his oh so German name from a young man who won the privilege to name him, from a  contest. He was  named after the famous hockey player Dave Schultz,  Shultz is known as the protector. To read more about Schultz and his police partner please see the following link http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/Police-and-Residents-Honor-K-9-Schultz-111627449.html

Stone created  by gardenartandforevermemories.com

16in.paw print for canine officer Boo-Sarasota County Florida