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A new categorie is titled “The Hero Club” here on my blog” Taking On A Cause”. My first member is Debbie Lamb an artist, but Debbie is also a soul recorder. What is a soul recorder? It is a person who creates photos of souls, who never walked on this Earth but will forever have a place in the heart of their families. Stillborn babies according to national statistics are born approximately every 200 births.  Often there is no obvious cause or reason, to why during their gestation period in  their mamma’s womb, they cease to breathe. Often the only clue that something is not right with this precious soul is the ceasing of little feet, or a ultrasound that shows the ominous truth. These little souls often already had baby showers in their honor, nurseries  ready for them and most of all parents starting video libraries and scrapbooks  in anticipation of their new family member joing them to make their circle complete.  Debbie takes photos of babies born sleeping at various gestation times and turns them into beautiful possibilities. This artist spends hours on drawing with her pencils a lasting memorial tribute to a family who already had visions of their child,  but often no photographs or unfortunately to stark a picture of what the reality was, than what it should have been. Debbie talks to the parents and finds out what they would like to see in their son or daughters photo.  Debbie also creates portraits where she has no photo to create the image,  and yet this talented artist makes it work with a search of her own soul. Debbie you spend hours on a subject that most people would not spend five minuets on. You give the parents of your beautiful  subjects a peace they find upon viewing the photo of their much beloved child. Thankyou,Debbie Lamb for taking what is surely a treasured talent given to you  by God and honoring him and his son Jesus, by honoring these souls who lived only in love of their mother’s womb, but forever with God and his son.    I came across your video on Youtube, by accident and though It was so challenging to watch it was also so heart warming that there is someone like you who can project what could have been Debbie, or what should have been. God bless you and your work. You honor these sweet babies, and Debbie you honor God with the talent he gave you.  http://drawnbydebbie.com/memorials2.htm                                                                           To find out  more about the very wonderful Debbie Lamb and her life and how you can view her work please visit her link on the web!