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The Appalachia service project is to aid and help make homes in cental Appalachia dry and warm and to improve with repairs and cosmetic makeovers. Also there may be serious plumbing and electrical repairs needed. There are many organizations that need financial aid thruout the world. Americans are considered to be the most generous people in the world. The average American gives to church, to local groups, to fundraisers for individuals, for charities in far off places they often can not find on the world map.  I think that is great, but I also think that we have causes and organizations that are being spear-headed locally in our communities that we do not have knowledge of and they need help too. In my case I am learning about the Appalachia Service project thru the fundraising group for them at my church, The United Methodist of Englewood,Fl.  They have already had a cookie walk to raise money, and  they garnered over a $1ooo.oo for the organization.  I am proud of my church.  I also enjoyed the home-baked cookies on rows of tables . I  was able to take a bag and fill it with cookies for five dollars! Now we have a group going to the Appalachia central  area to help the people with the building and  repairing of their  homes. Your church could also start a fundraising effort if you would like check out on the world wide webhttp://asphome.org/    If you take a look around your community I am sure thru newspapers, bulletin boards and flyers you could find a group locally that could really use your help! Good luck and success in your local volunteer efforts! I myself will check out how I can help them to raise funds for the trip my church group is collecting for to travel to the Appalachia central area.