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Russian musician Senmuth with instruments

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I heard a story recently about a man visiting his mom in a hospice and a musician came into the room and asked if he and his mom would like to hear a song. The son  stated that a song would be nice. The musician asked him, what song he would like to hear the musician play for him and his mom. The son was deep into his own thoughts and stated that he did not care which song the muscian would perform. The musician then proceeded to play a song that the emotionally filled son recognized as one of his mothers favorite songs!  I give this the direct line to God sign. These  musicians dedicate their time and talents to providing entertainment to those who could really use a break from what they or their loved one are experiencing at that time. Musicians On Call can always use more talented musicians to volunteer for their wonderful organization. They also could use support monetarily, especially in this economic age of ever-increasing gas prices. If you would like to know more on how you can give, volunteer, or take advantage of their musical  skills in a hospital or hospice situation, please view the following video for more information. I want to publicly thank this and other organizations that spend time and resources helping those and their families enduring these challenges of hospitalization or end of life care. God bless and thankyou!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n_wkCwZ5Lo