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Quaid golfing in 2006.

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Soul Surfer based on the highly successful book of the same name. Tells the story of a 13-year-old http://www.soulsurferthemovie.com/  Bethany Hamilton who learns to  overcome to what most people would consider impossible to do, the loss of an arm.  In a trailer for the movie , Bethany walks into her family home, and finds her family sorting thru a pile of mail that people have sent her from all over the world. The mail opens her eyes to the fact she is an inspiration to many people especially those young people who have lost a limb or more!  A journey begins for her and her family, a strongly based Christian family.   Dennis  gave an interview on  The Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda, the afternoon hosts, stating that  Bethany’s father, who he plays in the movie  has instilled in his family a strong set of convictions and a belief system based on Christian principles. Kathy Lee stated that she had heard they wanted the Christian part of the book played down in the movie! This I feel is the main argument for people to see this movie, people of all faiths should see what makes for a close family. It is a sad commentary when following and guiding ones family in their faith is said  to be offensive  to the viewing public.  In these days where political correctness is carried to high extremes, a movie about a young girl who is able to overcome an obstacle that may seem insurmountable due to her family and faith should not be toned down. Please come out and support the movie, the book, and let the entertainment industry know that you support and enjoy these type of movies and encourage them to make more. Last years Blind Side, another example, need I say more! Patsy McCaw-Yager