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Coda’s Haven located at 9845 Torrey Rd. Willis,MI. 48191 is a farm that saves animals. Their main way to support, and to do this rescue work for over fifty animals is thru the sales of their goat milk soap. After I had surgery several years ago, the skin in the area of procedure was so dry and irritated. I sought out on Ebay a source for cocoa butter soap. As a supporter of many rescue agency’s for animals, I was thrilled to find Coda’s Haven’s  soap. Two great finds were, the farm and the soap. I have also given this great goat milk soap as gifts to friends and family on many occasions. Everyone who has received the soap from me have loved it and now have purchased the soap for themselves and their friends and family!  The soap has worked very well for both the skin and the soul. I love knowing that purchasing this product also helps keep this great rescue farm. A farm that has saved over 50 animals.   The soap is available in many different scents, my favorites are cocoa butter and vanilla and they ship very quickly to you or to another address  that you would like to send the soap to! I use my PayPal account and have my choice of three ways to purchase: esales@codashaven.com  or  www.codashaven.com , also you can go to the Ebay site ,if you would  like! Folks buy some wonderful  goat milk soap for you, your family, and your friends. Maybe you have a dry skin condition, a skin allergy to regular soap,or just want a great way to pamper your skin. You will succeed with this mission by purchasing a superb  soap that will help you and the animals. God bless and thanks for ordering!