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Karen Taylor-Good, creative songwriter. a person who soul is as golden as her voice.  I thankyou for sharing your song, Precious Child with the world. Thru the release of your song without cost you have given many people words they can anchor their grief to.  I also know you have other inspirational songs that people can buy for very reasonable  rates, and that you speak to groups with your very highly successful motivational style.  I admire you for taking all your talents ,and blessing us by sharing them with the world. Karen Taylor-Good if anyone deserved their name, it is you! The beautiful videos created on places such as Youtube.com, embedding the song that you offer as an easy to download without cost are amazing. I just wanted to say when people tell me how the world is going to ” you know and a basket”, I tell them there are still so many wonderful people. You are definitely in that categorie! You created a soul rendering song, upon the loss of your twenty-one year old nephew. That song Precious Child,  now gives a certain peace to others who grieve. God bless and again thankyou Karen Taylor-Good!  For those of you who would like more information on the talents of Karen-please see the following link  !  http://takingonacause.com/2011/04/09/karen-taylor-good-uses-her-talents-to-help-parents-who-have-lost-children-born-sleeping-with-her-free-download-of-precious-child/