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San Francisco Giants cap insignia

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Brian Stow a fan of the San Francisco Giants was beaten severely by two men March 31,2011 in the Los Angeles Dodgers parking lot. Witnesses said after beating Bryan, they hopped in a car driven by a woman with a child inside. Today, the Dodger’s organization is holding a fundraiser at the stadium. The fundraiser consists of a drive thru  donation site in the parking lot. First,  I am praying for Bryan, his family and friends. I do not know where to begin with the act that was so despicable . I am of the belief these days that we have many adults, as well as children who have no coping skills or self-control. The fact that someone would be so physically aggressive towards another human because that person is wearing an opposing team’s shirt is to me, mind-blowing.  The fact that this behavior is showing a young child close enough to witness the beating, that this is how you handle a situation involving a person who roots for a team other than the one you support  That act alone is enough for me to say we need to find these men before they in grain their horrible behavior on another generation.  Saying all that I pray that somehow, there is a miracle for Bryan.  Praying also, that these people are found before they can harm any other individuals that come across their paths.  God Bless. Please see links below to find out how you can help Bryan and his family.                                                                                                                                Uhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Our-prayers-are-with-Bryan-Stow/193247974046088?sk=wallpdate please see Brian’s facebook and like him to raise funds for his family.