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Harrison Ford et Calista Flockhart Deauville 2009

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I appreciate very much that many celebrities encourage their fans to think outside the box in one’s life  and to look around their own neighborhood and town for opportunities to volunteer.   Harrison Ford, one of my favorite actors  is walking the walk, not just doing the talk.  Harrison, recently along with his son Ben, appeared in an advertisement campaign, to make the public aware of the many  agencies,   who could use people to spend some of their personal time and talents in helping a great  cause.  In the one advertisement, Harrison and Ben who are ambassadors for the organization EIF – the “Entertainment Industry Foundation“, a group that seeks out opportunities in several ways a person can volunteer. This magazine article that I read featured   “Create The Good Organization” as a source for ways to volunteer.  The article  informs a person of  several different opportunities available for one to volunteer. This  article also mentions the volunteering opportunities that are literally in one’s own backyard. Something as helping an elderly neighbor with  lawn maintenance or by running errands for the neighbor  or even assisting the neighbor by driving them to an appointement.  On this blog ,”Takingonacause”  I realize that especially the little everyday events like preparing a meal ,or walking a dog, for someone who is recovering from surgery ,may  not seem like a big deal, but for the person who is not able to do these daily tasks,  someone helping them is a  God send. For a person to volunteer to do these services, a feeling of  accomplishment  often is the result of the good deed. He or she has accomplished will often feel they have done something worthwhile. Please,  take a look locally for ways you can help your own community or the website   http://createthegood.org/  you might think of some ways  you can help a person which helps all of us. God bless, Patsy McCaw-Yager,Englewood,Florida

Other sites to check out-AARPwww.volunteermatch.org/

also for local comunity-http://www.libraryspot.com/ask/volunteer.htm