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http://www.freecycle.org/The Freecycle Network
changing the world one gift at a time

This week I will talk about ways to recycle in honor of Earth day, April 22, 2011.  This Friday, we will think of ways we can recycle, reuse,  re-purpose and generally incorporate habits that will slow down the land fills  and help the environment.  I would like to  now talk about Free Cycle,  an organization that helps repurpose items that you or me have no current need for.  I have given away  different items that were just sitting in my garage or spare room closet.   People receiving the items were very happy indeed, one less thing they have to crunch  their budget for. Some items on Freecylce.org are fun things like hobby items a person no longer enjoys. I have found garden items, craft items, and objects,  that my friends can add to a treasured collection. Often people use Freecycycle. org to help them clear stuff out when they are moving to a new place. I have also taken advantage of items left over from garage sales, on Freecycle.org I have also been happy to give food for dogs, clothes for children, supplies for students, all requests  made by  people who are having financial challenges due to the current economy. Also, if you don’t like donating to charities because you don’t know where your donation is going , at Freecycle.org you know  exactly where your your contributions  are going. I have seem some really valuable stuff listed on Freecycle.org.  I also have listed stuff that I have duplicates of. Freecycle.org is a great source when you want to organize your home, your business, your life.  It’s really simple to do. go to Freecycle. org they will start by  asking  your location.  You will be given some basic instructions on how to list items on Freecycle.org or how to request certain items. I will share with you that I do not always get the items I have requested on Freecycle.org.  I have however, have received some great stuff.  Go get your feet wet and just jump in, you will learn more as time goes on.  God bless, Patsy McCaw-Yager, Englewood, Florida. hey, you will be helping a great cause- recycling for Earth Day and beyond!