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    Comment on Yahoo Article Beauty Queen Emily Johnson, Miss Maine U.S.A.

    In this age where young people are
    encouraged to do anything to become famous, this is  young lady who is refreshing! Congratulations
    Miss Emily Johnson, you already are a winner. I also believe this story will go
    far and wide to promote the current Miss U.S. A pageant, and will bring more publicity and attention to the contest, which as we all know Mr
    Trump loves and craves dearly,  also he enjoys being in the hub of controversy! Patsy McCaw-Yager
    Englewood,Fl. A young lady who made the right choice! That is Emily Johnson!


This comment made on Yahoo is in response to this article http://takingonacause.com/2011/04/19/beauty-queen-emily-johnson-cares-more-about-family-then-becoming-miss-u-s-a-wow-mr-trump-family-more-than-fame/

A young lady who makes the decision to honor her commitment to her family, Emily Johnson from the State of Maine is passing on the Miss U.S.A. contest  because the contest  is the weekend of her sister’s wedding. Originally the contest was due to take place in April. The contest event was then changed to a weekend in June. Making the decision to honor her sister and family for those two facts, I think Emily’s story should be told .  The above comment I posted in response to the article I read on Yahoo about the flack that Emily is taking for choosing to give up the crown and to not to compete in a national contest that could of  helped her career goals immensely you have great character and, to me this  sums it all up. Emily you made the correct choice, you will never regret. I hope this decision makes you one special lady, in the spotlight. I also would like the young readers on Yahoo to understand that it is ok to value what is important like your family and your word!