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Dear Folks,  today as I am looking out my window that shows the back yard and anal, I feel truly blessed.  At one time I was a single mom,   living on a very busy street that led to I-75  the biggest expressway in Mich.   I-75 extends thru the state of Florida, where I now live. I as a 27 year old woman looked out to see concrete in my front yard.  Now thirty years later I look out too see a beautiful canal view.  I want you to know however that in the home with the concrete view, I also felt truly blessed. I had both my children,  Taren Wilson, and David Ashwell. In those days I often was in a   survival mode to take care of my children,my animal family,  at the time my  Paleface and Nate.  I now am at the point that  I can give back in a more substantial way than I could when I was a young lady with a lot of responsiabilities.  I started this blog “Taking On A Cause ” to let people know ways they can help causes,and  people, that are  bothin their community and located nationally in  our country and finally around the world. I really want to support good people doing good things and I have been able to do that! I am growing and have ways I want to improve and grow this  blog. One very good idea that I came upon is Social Vibe.   Social Vibe,  which allows a person to take action  and support great organizations, is  a short advertisement program , answering questions and gaining  credits or as they call them balloons  for a charity. To find out how you can  join and encourage others to participate in the -Social Vibe program,  please see the following link. http://www.socialvibe.com/                                                                                 DEAR FRIENDS, please hit the Social Vibe Icon to the right  and help raise credit-balloons for “The Childrens Miracle Network”!