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Modern pair of glasses

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The Local Lions club, has a recycle program for prescription eye glasses at  the Walmarts in town.  In their optical dept, sits a container with the Lions club logo, where  you can deposit used but in good condition reading glasses, and rx glasses.  For years I got away with reading glasses,  or as some call them over the counter glasses. I purchased them at the local discount store and had many colors and sytles of glasses. I had to progress to prescription glasses, I then took the over the counter glasses to Walmarts ,and donated them to the Lions club by placing them into the container that was placed by the entrance of the optician’s area.  Please check and see if you have any glasses that are no longer being used. Call the local Lions club and find out how and where you can donate the glasses you or a loved one no longer has a need for.  Thanks and I appreciate hearing how you recycle in your life! God Bless, Patsy McCaw-Yager Englewood, Florida.