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69th Anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbo...

Image by expertinfantry via Flickr

Today, I just want to add my voice to millions of voices  around the world and say thankyou for  again proving the American backbone and character are as strong as ever!   I also want to say to the people who will undoubtedly state we should have brought him back, are you kidding me, the man has his wife become his human shield.  The coward starts shooting right away,  his goal to take out some more victims on his way out of this life.   The fact that he  is buried at sea, also shows that we have ethics where he had none.  Several victims of the “O”, yes , I am not using his name, were of religions that had different codes for end of life when possible. I am talking for instance, about last rites for 911 first responders, and innocent adults and children going about their lives.  So as they say in the ‘Wizard of Oz’ be gone now and let us never mention this “O” name again, he has been banished to his just reward! God bless President Obama, for never giving  up the good fight!  Like I said before, I love me some Navy Seals. and all those who  in the public eye and those behind the scenes made this end to you know who come about  .  God bless the United States and as Carrie Underwood sang recently ‘How Great Thou Art’!  Glory be to God!