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This morning on the ‘The Today Show‘, Matt Lauer and author Alexandra Robbins, were discussing the book she wrote about hope for current high school students that there is life after your high school years are over. In fact, as I have told many  students, that is when you can really control your own destiny for better or worse is after the high school years.   I have students telling me that they are often living  in really challenging home situations and it seems so never-ending,  I will tell  the student  as long as they are safe stay there, and make a plan to  start setting goals, and write them down.  Get a notebook, or  a journal and use a calendar to write a at the ending of  every day a step you are doing to bring your goals to reality.  Check the days off on the calendar, find good in every day, try to help others and thank God you woke up to “fight the good fight” ! Hey, also going to library  and checking books out on people like Bill Gates, and others who inspire you, will show you what is possible.   God bless and hang in there !  Our creator made no junk and he has a plan for you! Reading the bible every day will give you the strength to carry on.