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I come from a family that loves a good horse race.  In the past few years I have become aware of some sad facts about the fate of several  race horses.  The treatment of horses during the races by some trainers and the fate of where they end up after the horse is done  with their racing career. There are laws that have been put into  place  in the United States to protect horses from the slaughter-house, but some unscrupulous owners find ways around them. Recently in Florida  the  great-grandson of the legendary  Secretariat  was found on a farm that was sending horses to Mexico to be slaughtered.  My feeling is this, I believe that if one chooses to enter the thoroughbred  racing  world  and compete with their horse, or horses that they the owner be required to supply that horse or horses  with humane care before, during and after the horse has finished their working career for that owner.  There are rescue shelters for retired horses such as Old Friends in Kentucky and Bit Of Hope Ranch in Englewood, Florida, my hometown.  There are horse rescues around the country and some owners of retired race and entertainment horses, do help to support these much-needed facilities that care for and love the horses.   Please check  and find out how you can support a rescue for horses in your own area. There are laws , proposed nationally as well as individual state laws being introduced in many states.  Please contact your local representatives and congress to tell them of your concern for the care of the horses that need your support to protect them.  For further information please see this link


also this video which is very graphic and should be viewed only by adults is available on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFQYHuVihZw tells the not so glamour side of racing industry.

Ferdinand – 1986 Kentucky Derby Winner – Slaughtered                           in Japanhttp://www.oldfriendsequine.org/ferdinand.shtmlhttp:/   /www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuMp9AjKqf0

The death of 1986 Kentucky Derby Winner in Japan slaughterhouse brought about changes and new laws to protect race horses