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Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore at the Huffingto...

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Ashton Kutcher is along with his wife, Demi Moore, a serious supporter and fundraiser for several charities and worthwhile causes.  It is refreshing to see someone who cares about the world around him be chosen to act in a show that makes people laugh and takes people away from what is  going on in the world for a while.  Ashton Kutcher is just a guy who likes to entertain and use his fame to help others.  Charlie Sheen the former star of Two and Half Men, has been so absorbed with his own self interests, be it from his descent back into drug abuse that he used the show as vehicle to inflict pain on ex-wife, Denise Richards, and basically anyone who was holding him accountable for his behavior.  I still feel sorry for Charlie, but he needs help and maybe now the reality that the show is now no longer focused on him, may be the push back to reality that Charlie needed.   Ashton, just makes this whole mess for C.B.S. now so much better.  He is a class act in the public eye. Mr Kutcher is friends with his wife Demi Moore’s ex-husband Bruce Willis, which just gives you an  idea on what kind of guy he is. Ashton, raises money for causes such as Japan relief, fighting human trafficking and spending his time working for children who need help in various ways.  There also many other ways he uses his time and resources to make life better for others. I think from a very small age he learned his compassionate ways from having a twin brother with severe health challenges. So, I say to Charlie Sheen’s former employers thankyou,for picking someone who has more to say in interview, than he is the man with tiger blood, and the gift to modern day world. Charlie I pray you get the help you need and to Ashton Kutcher, God bless, you I know you don’t need to take this job but you did, and doing so you helped in extending the career of many talented people on the show both in front of the camera and behind.  I look forward to watching you and the rest of the talented cast. To read about Ashton and his wife Demi’s foundation    http://www.demiandashton.org/    please see  this link.    Twitter fans must be happy today!