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Oprah could well be thought of as the queen of doing good deeds for others.  The Chinese proverb, it talks of teaching a man to fish, so he can eat a lifetime,  instead of giving him a fish for a meal.  I watched the show that featured the ‘Give Back’ foundation and thought Oprah has sown seeds for years  to encourage the viewers to find their passion and to pursue it!   Often the passion one has in life is to help others in a way they  received encouragement at one time.  An example of giving back to a place that helped him, is Denzel Washington and ‘The Boys and Girls Club‘ his saving grace after his school day when Denzel’s mom was working and they gave him an alternative to going home alone.  Inhttp://www.usatoday.com/news/education/2010-09-15-denzel15_ST_N.htm see this link on Denzel’s commitment to ‘The Boy‘s and Girls Club ‘on the  story featured in USA . The  ‘Give Back foundation’ was created by Stephen Paletta, the winner of Oprah’s Big Give, on an episode of her television show that aired back in 20008.   As a contestant on the show, Stephen traveled across the country and met people in every town who were making a difference; people giving back to their community and the world, and it all  started on ‘The Oprah Show’.  Stephen recently returned to ‘The Oprah Show’ and shared how he took his winnings of a million dollars and created  ‘The Give Back Foundation’-   https://www.giveback.org/ .   This link will get you started on your own foundtion to do good.  Stephen took the challenge of finding ways to help from the contest he won on Oprah, and now he shows you how.  Oprah sews a seed, Stephen sews a seed, now you and I sew a seed.  It is going to be a blessing who will sew a seed from our foundations, and sew on and so on! God bless! Patsy McCaw-Yager, Englewood, Fl.