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Did you ever see a story on television about a person and think , that person and I could be friends.  A couple of nights ago that happened to me after watching a story on Kathy Strong, 50 from Walnut Creek, Ca.  Years ago, when a small child of twelve years old.Kathy put on the bracelet of a p.o.w.   She made a promise to wear the bracelet till he came home.  Kathy wore that bracelet for over forty years. After all a promise is a promise!

.Strong got that  bracelet in her Christmas stocking. Thru the years and the televised return of  several Vietnam P.O.W.‘ s  Kathy never faltered she wore the bracelet faithfully.  During a hospital visit that included an m.r.i. test Kathy would not remove her bracelet.

“I was really excited,” Strong said. “I read the paper that came with it. And
I just thought. I’m going to keep it on until he comes home.” she told C.B.S. television human interest reporter  Steve Hartman, who has done a series of stories on Kathy Strong and her dedication to wearing the bracelet that honored Vietnam P.O.W. James  Robert Moreland.

Strong, now 50 would, think about the name on the bracelet every day and I believe she will  probably think of him  every day for the rest of her life.  James Moreland a Green beret soldier, had a family that  miss him dearly.  They heard about Kathy and invited her to visit them, she did. The family felt close to Kathy due to her dedication to the memory and life of James Lee, or Les as he was known to them. James was the name known to his fellow soldiers.

Moreland. went missing in the winter of 1968. Kathy always remained positive he would come home and she would give him the bracelet. Thru the years  her faith and resolve did not waver!After 43 years, MIA hero is 'coming home'The family  of Moreland feel like Kathy has become  a part of a family and had her included in funeral plans for Moreland when after years d.n.a. confirmed remains and had them returned to the family for a full military funeral with all honor. I think Kathy is one cool chick for wearing a bracelet  for James Lee Moreland all those years. I want to tell her Kathy I was older than you when I got my bracelet in my teen years, and had the privilege of returning it to the family of Michael O’Connor from Warren, Mi.  I wore mine for about three years.  He came home to a city-wide celebration with extensive television and newspaper coverage.  If you would like to see the story on Kathy and James – please follow the link below on the  C.B.S. story and see Kathy give James his bracelet.  I say to people  yes in the world there are bad people , but I still believe there are more good people!  I now add Kathy Strong to my hero club for honoring her promise.  Hey, Kathy you have an open invitation to visit me here in Englewood, Fl. Let’s do lunch!  God bless you and James Moreland’s family. Patsy McCaw-Yager,Englewood,Fl.