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I think that we are losing a battle for nice looking mail and sending handwritten notes and personal cards. I miss my poppa and momma very much, and for many reasons. One of the reasons is my momma and dad were card and letter senders.  They learned that from my grandma, mum McCaw.  My dad would spend time looking for just the right card, I am sure Hallmark‘s stock went down after he passed.  I have dear friends and family who send me personalized cards. that say to wife,mother, cousin, niece, but some of my family have stopped sending personal cards to me , if any cards at all. A quick text or email to wish me the best on a holiday or an anniversary,   is often what I may receive instead of a card. I am thankful they remember, but I really do  miss my cards with the heading of what I mean to a person.  I love it when I get a card that says special friend, or just a note to say hello. I have saved cards from a very young age and still do.  I love to open a brightly covered envelope with stickers or stamped decorations. I especially love when the sender also encloses a special message to me.  My cousin Bob Lange, is especially sweet about sending me a nice note in my cousin cards he sends me.  I love also getting a nice post card when people travel, I miss those, last time I got one  was from my son over five years ago.  When I was in junior high school, sealing wax was a big deal.  I remember working at summer camp and sending  sealed letters to my family and friends.  I loved purchasing different colors of sealing wax and different stamps it was pretty neat.  I love the modern technology as you can tell, but I don’t think you have to exclude the old ways of communication with the personal touches.  I know I am  very blessed person, that this is small  potatoes to some.  I laugh and tell people I am a card person, I like sending and getting them.  I try to take time to pick the right card for someone. One birthday a few years back my friend sent me a birthday card with two young girls, the one had red hair and my friend said it reminded her of me.  I had just the same thought when I opened it.  I often give cards to people at church, work,  social situations and some people are taken aback.  They are surprised that someone  would care about their success or their sorrow. I had a friend who wrote in most beautiful calligraphy she is gone now but I still have some of her notes that I treasure.  I know people say they that they are so busy they just don’t have the time.  The friend who spends time picking out just the right card, she has three jobs, her name is Penny Luebs,and she is the mayor of Clawson, Mi. now.  If anyone is busy, it is this single mom of a 12-year-old and also very involved with church and charitable work!  If she can do it, well …Hallmark has a program to get points for purchasing items from their stores you can sign up at Hallmark.com and also check on current contests. 

At Walter Reed

America’s Veterans Need Your
To Treat PTSD. Sign Up Now.

lso, soldiers both at Walter Reed Hospital and serving in the service appreciate letters and cards. Please see following link 

God bless, looking for all those cards and letters. Patsy McCaw-Yager

link below for The Honorable Mayor of Clawson,Michiganhttp://www.pennyluebs.com/clawson-mayor/index.shtmld articles