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Animal Cops Houston


Undercover cops have infiltrated an illegal dog fighting ring
and need the SPCA investigators to raid one of the suspects’ properties   Please view the Animal Cops program today on the seizure of over 200 dogs. Unfortunately, these dogs were all euthanized, as they are big risks in adoption.  There is no excuse to fight dogs. Dogs, are not tools for torture.  They live a sad life of abuse and no support or love, there are people who say to me often, well there are kids out there being abused, how about them? Ok, I can be against child abuse and still be against animal cruelty, they are not exclusive to each other. Often, I have seen the facts that support the argument cruel to animals, cruel to people. People who use dogs to fight are sending horrible messages to their children.  Showing a child that its “fun or enjoyment” to watch dogs tear each other apart is disturbing!   Please people, if you know someone involved in dog fighting you can report this anonymously,  contac the National Humane Society, and they will show what you can do to help tortured dogs or stop this inhumane and evil activity.  This is not a sport!  God bless, Patsy McCaw-Yager. supporter of Suncoast Humane Society,Englewood,Fl. http://takingonacause.com/2011/05/23/do-you-think-dog-fighting-is-a-sport-really-truly-torture-bred-to-fight-life-of-neglect-and-abuse-is-the-life-of-dogs-in-so-called-sport-please-people-there-is-nothing-sporting-about-dogs-figh/                                                                                                                                                        http://www.billybobbook.com        A great book, inspiring, on saving the pit bull population from dog fighting, and much moe. Please purchase as it helps save dogs!