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I attended the funeral of a hero January 25,2010, Army Staff Sgt, Ronald J.Spino, his parents live in nearby Venice, Florida. Sgt, Spino, .who died while unloading medical supplies  was the light of his family‘s life.  Military officials say Staff Sgt. Ronald Jay Spino from Waterbury, Conn., died Dec. 29 in Bala Morghab, a village in Badghis province.  Sgt, Spino, shot while unloading supplies to save other soldiers lives.  I am honoring Staff Sgt, Ronald J.Spino today for he is a true hero. To the family of Ron, God bless you always.   To his brother Jim, and all of your friends at Loveland, I ,want  you to know you are in my prayers, and your hero brother is admired not only for his career in the Army but his love for the wonderful “Loveland” and the volunteering he did to help the wonderful people who attend the valuable programs and show them every adult can be honorable , even those who are challenged.  Jim, your brother would have been so proud of you and the wonderful members of the Loveland family, the day of his service.  You Jim, showed more honor and courage in the honoring of your wonderful brother than would be expected of someone saying goodbye to his brother.  I am sure you know that your brother is proud of you.  God bless, The Spino family,God bless, America. Please dear readers say a prayer today for the families of all fallen soldiers.  Thankyou, James McCaw Sr. Marine, World War II  who served the pacific and who taught me what is good and honorable by example and never stopped missing his friends who he served with in the war.  Patsy McCaw-Yager, Dad I miss you always.

Picture displayed at Memorial for Sgt Spino.