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I wanted to let everyone know that with Memorial Day tomorrow,  what I feel the day is truly  about. For some of you that have lost friends or family , I apologize to you personally and it is not for you who live Memorial day each and every day.  Growing up I was taught both at home , school, and church about Memorial day and the respect it so richly deserves.  I am worried when I am in a situation where young people no longer stand for the pledge of allegiance.  Often, I talk to people who see the holiday as an excuse for a day off.  On the side of the glass half full,we have young people who are going off to serve in a branch of  the military.  Chance Phelps, was a young man who was a Marine thru and thru. The first time I saw this film, I knew the film would win awards for excellence and awards for the superb performance of Kevin Bacon who portrays a Marine officer who asks to serve as the escort for the return home of the  decorated war hero Marine Chance Phelps, who was three months short of twenty years old when he lost his life serving our country.  Please watch or record the movie for a time when you and family can watch and discuss this together.   Chance loved his life, the Marine Corps.  and his family.  God bless, those he left behind.  He was what the best of what America is.Lance Cpl. Chance Phelps, USMC, is also the subject of an essay  in the book ‘Faces of Freedom.’ Click the photo to learn more about the book.  The young Marine was wearing his Saint Christopher medal  when he died, and that was on Good Friday.