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One of Photos In Solve Home Bradenton.Fl.

There are so many people who debate the question of abortion and have no idea on how to help a young single mom.   The young single moms who choose to have their baby’s and need help are all around us.  These young ladies, need emotional as well as financial help.  In some situations they need physical help to do daily tasks.    I had the privilege recently to visit two homes under the banner of the Solve organization.       During the field trip sponsored by the United Methodist Church of Englewood, Fl. I along with the other ladies visted the Solve Homes in Englewood and Bradenton, Fl. and enjoyed learning about the girls, the homes, and enjoyed a beautiful luncheon provide by the moms to be!                                                                                                                                                  An organization that gives the soon to be mother a home during and after her pregnancyThe Solve Homes give the girls structure and often show them skills their own home did not give.  Young moms may or may not keep their children to stay in the home. Their are guidance for those who give up their babies to adoption, as well as those who keep their children.  The young moms  focus on a plan to provide a home for themselves and their children. The home is based on bible principles and loving home mothers provide the girls with guidance in roles that is close to being the girls own family, often giving love and support the girls did not receive in their own homes.   So when you hear a person going on about what a pregnant girl should do, then hopefully you can say to SOMEONE WHO IS MAKING A JUDGEMENT CALL, you SHOULD  support homes like the Solve homes, who help girls who need a place to go and be supported.www.manasotasolve.org/    Paste in your browser.  This link will provide you the – link to help the Solve homes. Hey Justin Beiber was raised by a single mom who had a strong faith in God and Jesus and did it the hard way. I am sure she would of loved the opportunity to go to a home like The Solve Home.

Thru The Window Picture of Jesus at the Solve House