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Taryn Davis, Founder and Executive Director

Contact Taryn Davis directly: taryn@americanwidowproject.org  Taryn Davis a young widow, losing her husband Michael Davis, is a hero in every sense of the word.  Taryn a favorite name of mine actually is my daughter’s name, my daughter is Taren Wilson I chose to spell it differently.
Taryn Davis, 23, was living the “normal” life; She had married her soul mate, was about to graduate college,and had her future with him to look forward to. That was until May 21, 2007. Her husband had been killed by multiple roadside bombs just an hour and a half after they last spoke. Feeling lost and alone in the new world she’d been thrown into, she began traveling around the country to hear other women’s stories of love, tragedy… and overall survival. In hearing their accounts, she hoped to learn more about the title that been had given to her… that of a military widow.

This previous paragraph came from the site that Taryn Davis, helped start.

Taryn Davis is my new hero.  She took the grief of losing ber husband to helping other war widows.