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The news is filled with stories, of schools, teachers, principals not fulfilling their promises to the students of today. In Florida, our news in the past few years have shown principals turning their heads to important issues in their own schools. God bless Principal  Sherrie Gahn,  of Whitney Elementary School in East Las Vegas!  Principal Gahn  came to the school 8 yrs ago. Gahn viewed the problem as a basic one, a student can not learn if basic needs such as getting enough food are not met. The student will not be able to absorb knowledge if he or she  is hungry, scaired, has no place to live and dosen’t have a place to take a shower.  Principal Whitney with an army of volunteers helps with all this and more.  Asking  the parents of these homeless children to turn them over to her to learn and she will find resources to help them live their daily lives and to take care of the families of the homeless students.  I say God bless you principal   While people  compain about schools in our country, there are over 500 of good souls,  helping the students of principal Gahn.  The volunteers that are helping offer resources as well as services. Hair cuts, among other much needed skills are given freely and generously.  There are people also who are sending money to help.  Please check your local schools for programs that help students and their families.  There are articles in local newspapers across the country telling of often dire needs of children in homeless shelters.  Also if so inclined you could contact the school of Principal Gahn to see what you could do to help. Please see  thestory on following link. 

God bless, Patsy McCaw-Yager,Englewood
Read more: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/06/Gahn09/eveningnews/main20070437.shtml#ixzz1P9uywY3i

Contact and Location Information

Location Address:

Whitney Elementary School
5005 Keenan St.
Las Vegas, NV

Mailing Address:

Whitney Elementary School
Po Box 98551
Las Vegas, NV

Phone Number:

(702) 799-7790