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The last time I saw my poppa at David and Stephanie's wedding

My dad instilled in me a love for all kinds of music. He loved The Irish Tenors, but he also counted Bocelli, Mariah Carey, George Strait, Josh Groban, and several Motown greats  among his favorites.  Poppa loved God, Jesus, his family, our country. a good meal, his Irish descent, serving as a Marine during world war II, his career as a police officer, and the simple things in life. A man of honor, my poppa  never thought being wealthy was possesing of material goods, he was wealthy in the “stuff” that really counts. To say I miss my Irish poppa,  is an understatement. I lost my momma at the age of 32 years old and my poppa survived her over 20 yrs.  I as a  single parent, moved  to Florida, with the goal that poppa, would help instill in my son the values he did for his sons.  My poppa did that and more, he did a great job in helping me raise my son David Ashwell,and the last time I saw my poppa  was at a  blessed event, his grandson David and Stephanie’s wedding .  I am so thankful that we were all together for the wedding.  My poppa taught David my son, values like the following,  standing up for the flag, crossing your heart  at singing of our national anthem, there are far too many to mention. To help the less fortunate was a mantra for my pappa. He loved that he ” was a Marine”, excuse me a Marine.  My poppa said “once a Marine, always a Marine”!   So true.  My poppa’s own father was not around much when he was growing up. He learned how to be a good pappa from his mom.  My dad was so proud of all his grandchildren. He would love the fact that his grandaughter Maureen Case graduated from college and that completed the feat of all his grandchildren with the accomplishment of college degrees.                                                                                                                                                               Taren Wilson, author of “The Life of Mouse”  special ed teacher was his first and he lighted up like a candle when he rocked her and sang “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling“. David Ashwell my son, Daniel and Patrick McCaw are the sons of my brother Dan, and Tom and Maureen Case the children of my sister Sheila, or babe as we know her kept him going after my momma passed on.

Pat McCaw Yagergrandsons,Daniel,David,Patrick,Thomas

David became a poppa 6 months ago to Autumn and I know he will be a great one, he after all had a wonderful example of what it is to be a family man and a father in my poppa James McCawSr.

The link below the Irish Tenors for you to enjoy!