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I remember the day the draft birthday lotto numbers were picked to deterime the order in which one would be called up. September 14th, birthdays was the first date chosen.  I cried when I read that date so dear to me, me and my twin brother‘s birthday.   I being a woman, my brother thru an accident at our birth a man with challenges would not be drafted.  I thought of a birth day as a special day my parents had always seen to that.  Looking at that date featured on the front page of the “The Detroit News“, I was literally stunned. The Vietnam veteran has never been given the due he or she deserved.  In fact for years portrayed in movies as drug addicts, or on the verge of a  mental breakdown, or people who escaped from reality, and responsibilities.   The first homeless person that I ever met was homeless, was a Vietnam vet. I have also witnessed in St.Augustine, Florida, a funeral for a young man killed in Iraq and a motorcycle motorcade standing guard against religous zealots picketing the funeral, yep, the motorcyclists are Vietnam vets. I want to start a movement to honor those who served us and never got their due instead were often labeled with dishonorable tags.  I know of no veterans, not even civil war veterans who had to bear this from serving their country please forward this.