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I wonder when people commit horrible crimes, do they really think they won’t get caught?  The accused  Long Island Rx killer shows no remorse in committing this act of horror.  He seems in those television clips so indifferent to what he is being charged with, and oblivious in court to the families of the victims he is accused of killing so brutally.  The fiance of the one victim who yesterday was buried in her wedding dress watched the accused walk by his vehicle and go in and out of the pharmacy moments later.  The man in the car waiting for his fiance Jamie Taccetta, became concerned when she did not come back from what should have been a brief visit to the pharmacy, he went in and found the victims  Later Jaimie’s fiance picked out the accused gunman out of a lineup for police. The police would also like anyone with any information on the crime, to step forward to build a solid case against the gunman.  I often tell you dear readers ,that I tend not to identify people who commit these atrocious acts because often the perpetrators do this so they get some “kind of attention”. The youngest victim had her graduation gown that 17-year-old Jennifer  Mejia never wore  yesterday draped across her casket. This young lady with so much ahead of her is now lost to the world because of this tragic decision of one person.   I have to hang on to the fact that there are still so many more good and wonderful people in this world , I meet them all the time.  What concerns most is, that the bad ones are doing really bad things. What I mean by this is that, years ago a killing in the news would be “a big deal” what is so sad is that now they are becoming commonplace. I would like to know this,do these people think that no one is watching?  How truly wrong they are.Jamie Taccetta will be buried in the dress she was meant to be married in.God is watching,please pray for strength for the families of all the victims.

Family handout  above     Jamie Taccetta will be buried in the dress she was meant to be married in.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/2011/06/25/2011-06-25_classmates_mourn_in_their_graduation_gowns.html#ixzz1QJpcdEo6