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My parents loved to read, I love to read, my husband is a reader and my children enjoy reading. As a single mom raising my children the library, was also a source of hours and hours of free entertaining activities.  I often visited the library for holiday functions, magic shows, puppet shows, visiting authors, and free rentals of movies,, puppets, cds, videos, and puzzles for both my children and for me.  I believe in this economic time even those with discretionary funds are finding the library a source to help them stay in their budget guidelines or for those with very limited resources a life line for themselves and their families.  I loved purchasing and still do items from the “Friends of The Library” store.  At the store I can buy magazines, and books for nominal prices at the same time I am supporting my local Englewood and Port Charlotte, Florida, libraries. One of my favorite memories was visiting the library of my hometown Highland Park, Michigan to see the movie “The Red Balloon“! I still love getting my free book markers at the library, often printed with useful civic or recycling information.   The library has also been a place in our United States of America, that served as a refuge for future leaders and educators as well as entertainers who saw the library as an escape from poverty, or abuse at their homes.   So dear friends, summing it up, it is never too late to experience the joys of your local libraries and also if you can support them in some monetary fashion, that would be super. My daughter is now a published author of the novel “The Life of Mouse”,by “Taren Wilson”.  Taren as a young child won summer reading contests at the library.   I now am on the way to the library, to see members of the State of Florida. Agricultural Division, they volunteer on Thursday to answer questions about Florida, vegetation.  God bless, Patsy McCaw-Yager. Englewood.Fl.