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Every time I visit the Puffy Paws thrift store I find something I need!   I also have donated several items to them to help “save the kitties“. http://www.puffypawskittyhaven.com/   Please check out the site , for ways to save the kitties.  A no kill shelter of over two hundred kitties. Rick and Chrissy, husband and wife team do not turn any kitties away. Puffy Paws takes in sick kitties and their veterinarian bills alone are a huge chunk of their monthly budget.  They have loyal contributors and are always working on ways to bring money in to keep the Puffy Paws Kitty Haven above the red line. The thrift store is one way they raise money, they also have several other ways to give.  Ebay, Facebook, are two of the many sources that Rick uses to raise money for much-needed supplies and to pay the bills. Chrissy is the main caretaker for over 200 cats!!! Yes, Chrissy takes care of 200 cats daily needs! Rick and Chrissy are heroes in my book, for their never-ending dedication to this cause of saving felines, often kitties no one else will take in.  Englewood, Fl. is blessed to have this couple and their volunteers in their community.

Thrift Shop & ebay Store.

Donate Your Unwanted Goods To Help The Kitties