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Mike Gallagher speaking

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What ever your politics, I think it is great that conservative Mike Gallagher has a link to give $ 1.00 to cancer research when you take a 30 second 9 question quiz. I know, I took the survey.  I do not agree with Mr. Gallagher on some topics, he has covered on his national radio program, but he presents his view on political and world issues in a non antagonistic way.  I believe him along with Dennis Prager, are the two most rational conservative radio hosts on the air waves that I have been exposed to. I believe he has a way of presenting his position on issues, without belittling the character of the person, issue, or current internet rage of the day subject.  I urge you to do the survey as another way to help when personal funds are prohibitive to do so.Please also tell your friends about the survey.  God bless, Patsy McCaw-Yager. Englewood Fl. PICTURE OF MIKE GALLAGHER