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The Return of Sanders, by Patsy McCaw-Yager

I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Michigan. On my trip to Michigan, I got to visit some of my favorite places, like White Castle, and Big Boys, both restaurants I can not enjoy in Florida. I have lived for the last sixteen years without the close proximity of these locations of food and nostalgia. Of course during my visit I did  visit with my dear family and friends. My trip to Michigan for me is a trip down memory lane.  I get to take a walk back to visit places that have held fond memories of my youth and associations with my family. Sanders Bakery and Ice Cream Parlors, are especially dear to me.  My brother James, told me one day while visiting him in Clawson, Michigan, that a Sanders store had opened up for business in nearby Birmingham, Michigan.  I was thrilled, to hear this great news. Sanders, has been on a downward spiral in the retail world. Now enjoying a resurgence and the opening of this new Sander’s is fantastic news to all of us who miss this quality of service and unique product line.  There is no hot fudge topping like Sanders  hot fudge topping.  I also remember the fine cakes and pastries that my family picked up at their Highland Park, bakery.  The famous chocolate bump cake still conjures up yummy thoughts. One of my earliest jobs was that of a waitress at Sander’s , Universal City Mall, Warren, Mi.  I loved the job and the people I worked with, Isabell, Stella, and my manager, Mrs. Bila.  The people at that store were like one big family. I went to their children’s weddings, and they gave me a going away party for college.  I still think of Colleen, who as assistant manager helped me with all training anyone could want.  Colleen, came to visit me at college.  So dear readers, you can see why I cherish the Sanders stores and hope if you are given the opportunity, will visit them so this wonderful organization will continue to stay in business and thrive in this modern-day climate of speed over service. Please see following link for information on retail outlets that carry Sanders products and how to order them over the internet! God bless.Patsy McCaw-Yager, Englewood,Fl                                                                                http://www.sanderscandy.com/index.php?main_page=locator