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Navy SEAL insignia

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I heard a story from my husband about an incident involving a Navy Seal, and his mom.  The names and place will remain a secret, as I tell you this little story which exemplifies the respect the MERE MENTION of a Navy Seal and what they are capable of.  It seems there was this supervisor, who was of an ethnic group who believe that women are to be subservient to all men.  The supervisor was always belittling the women who worked in his office a branch of government, even to go as far as throwing their paperwork on the floor. There was a woman who worked in the office who had a son who was a Navy Seal. My husband, worked in a near by office also a supervisor, for a department of this government office.  My husband was blessed, to see this exchange, and I was fortunate to hear about it as the following relates.  The Navy Seal came to visit his mother at her place of employment, the government agency with the chauvinistic supervisor. As the supervisor was coming out into the corridor the Navy Seal and his mom were walking towards him. When the two parties met in the corridor the Navy Seal introduced his self to the supervisor. The supervisor was literally shaking, my husband stated. The Navy Seal then stated to his mother’s supervisor the following, “You know the line of work I am in, people come up missing all the time”.  My husband said then the two parties then went on their way. My husband said not only did the Navy Seal’s mom not ever have a problem again with the supervisor, but neither did the other women who worked in this obnoxious supervisor’s department.  I love this story.  The Navy Seal’s are regarded as patriots, people of their world and above all other great qualities, protectors of our country. God bless the Navy Seals and all those who protect our United States of America.  Please support the Navy Seals Foundation, by Patsy McCaw-Yager of Englewood, Florida.