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Bailey saying goodbye to my beloved Bailey

Matthew 25:23

New International Version (NIV)

23 “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.

Bailey, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t  think of you, and miss you. People think  that  people take care of their pets, but not in my case . Bailey took care of me. When my dad moved back to Michigan, David went to college, and Paleface our  cat who had recently passed, It  was only  me, Bailey, and Noir, the son my 23year cat Paleface,  left at home . Little did I know a few years later I would meet Tom my husband, after two decades of being unmarried.  Tom also had his four-legged children, Roxie and Max. Roxie a Doberman, and Max a Rottweiler, both were rescues.  You guys became best friends,and one by one went on to Heaven.   Bailey, there is not a day that passes I don’t think of you!  You stayed next to me after my surgeries.  When I cried about missing family members and other four-legged family members, you would put your sweet head in my lap.  The day we went to the ,Suncoast  Humane Society, to find a four legged family member,  you did not get all excited, you just sat in David’s lap like you always belonged there. Then we took you home to your forever home.   You were 4 months old, and didn’t hold it against us what the earlier family had done to you.  You never met a stranger, you loved to be loved by everybody. One time you ran to greet a l landscaping truck, only to go under the trailer and get injured. Taking you to the vet and leaving you there broke my heart.  I was told by Dr Bottleson, only time would tell if you would heal and you showed all of us what a survivor you were, and  we had more precious time with you.  You passed away a year ago today, at over 13 years of age.  Bailey, I was looking in your eyes, holding you but you looked at me with those comforting eyes.  Bailey as I write this, I want to tell you that I have since welcomed Molly, another rescue dog.  Molly, who was  9 yrs,  old into our family. Joining us and Noir, our 21 feline family member, with Lilly, our Jack Russell beagle mix, your companion forthe last two yearsof uour life on Earth.   Molly is not here to replace you, but to honor you.  I wanted to continue  your legacy of love.  No one will ever replace my Bailey, never. We love Molly for Molly. I want to ask each and everyone that is considering a rescue, or adoption, please do so, but make sure the dog, cat or other 4 legged soul, are a good match for you and other family members.  Molly had been brought back to the Suncoast Humane Society after one adoption, because she barked when they left,it is called separation anxiety.  We knew that Molly would take some work, after a month she was fine.  In all fairness, the former owner lived in apartment and we live around very few neighbors.  Bailey I still laugh at the memories of you at the nursing home at Christmas, eating crumbs the residents dropped ,you were there to help us Christmas Carol.   I miss you faithful companion,Bailey well done good and faithful  servant ! Patsy McCaw-Yager your human momma,