At Glen Eden Cemetery after Memorial Service for Son Ronald Wolfe James McCaw Jr. June Wolfe, Sue McCaw

FEATURED PICTURE, LEFT TO RIGHT -Carole, Patsy-bottom, Michael, Ron


Courage is easy to look at , I see it in my Aunt June Wolfe’s face.   This woman who had two children by the age of 20 years old and lived to see them go to heaven before her.  My dad, her brother Jim, was always so proud of her.  My dad thought the beauty she possessed was due to her strength as well as her heritage.  Poppa, I know you would have been in awe of the courage she showed, as she saw her second child’s remains be lowered into the Earth, as is the custom in our Irish family, and the dirt put upon them.  Aunt June, stood there with such a remarkable reserve.  Ten years ago she buried her first-born, my cousin Carole, who had endured health problems thru her lifetime.  Carole always could make me laugh, and she like her mother June, had courage and fortitude to spare.  The fact that this woman my Aunt June, could bury her last child and on that day worry for her grandchildren and their children and basically everyone at the service is beyond amazement.  I have always known my Aunt June was something else! I mean as a young woman she learn to pilot a plane and to run a cab company in Detroit Mich. My Aunt June, also started different branches of the Professional Business Women’s Association in Michigan. Aunt June, has also helped different relatives in time of need without a lot of questions.  Aunt June, I am proud to be your neice for so many reasons, but the hardest day of your life, you showed us what we were always told in our family, as grandpa McCaw told me one time, money is not class, class is character. Aunt June, your character is nothing but first class, I am so proud to be your neice.